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Temple � a place where even the mightiest bow to respect the divine. Since ages, temples have been a major part of our culture and a prime symbol of the faith people have put in religion. Kings that have ruled the country have built magnificent temples in dedication to gods and thus in India we can boast of myriad styles of temple and the whole world is in awe of the same. The architecture of temples depict the period it was constructed and also gives a unique stamp of the local culture, tradition and the construction material available in surroundings. The temple designs were varied based on the religion and are still the same in basic architecture for the said religions.

For over 50 years Shri Chandulal P. Trivedi had nurtured and raised the rich tradition of Temple Construction and Mediaeval Arts. His contribution to the tradition of putting stones to life has been acknowledged by both his contemporaries and antagonists. His work, even today, is a benchmark and a great source of inspiration for those who have followed his footsteps. A visionary who put quality and timely performance foremost to everything else is still remembered and respected for his contribution to the art of creating spectacular and breathtaking place of worship.

The legacy is now carried forward by Mr. Bhargav C. Trivedi, who has inherited the same skill as his father and has taken over the rein of the family tradition by implementing and executing the remaining projects of Chandubhai including the overlooking of the famous "Pagoda" project.

Today Mr. Bhargav C. Trivedi has carved his own niche among the temple architects of India and to give best outputs has created a strong team of visualisers, project executors as well as a modern factory at Swaroopgunj for shaping the dreams of the company. We at C.P. Trivedi & Sons and Mohak Stone Craft Pvt. Ltd. have created some inspiring work of art and are taking the art of temple creation to the next level of creativity.


Since centuries, the Sompura clan is considered the master in art of temple construction and the rich heritage and secrets have been passed from one generation to another. We have inherited the legacy of our ancestors and today are one of the leading Temple Architects and Builders Of The Country.

Shri Chandulal P. Trivedi was the inheritor of this great Sompura tradition and took the temple creation and restoration art to new heights. He is considered one of the finest modern temple architects of the country and had done illustrious projects such as restoration work at Delwara Temple and Ranakpur Temples apart from creating temples around the world.

To create breathtaking temple structures and use Modern Technology with Ancient Architecture Principles.

To recreate the Aura of the Ancient Temple Architecture styles and create a impact across the Globe.